Donor Management System or Customer Relationship Management?

Cultivate Gives You the Best of Both at an Unbeatable Price


The right Donor Management System (DMS), like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, can help you easily communicate with your constituents and achieve consistently better donation results. It is more than a data center for sales and marketing. It is a tool to help you effectively deliver your messages to your constituent at the right time. Cultivate DMS is enterprise software with a user-friendly front end. Use it to help you understand how, when and why your donors give the way they do.

DMS and CRM: Compare and Contrast

Both DMS and CRM automate sales/donations and marketing.

Both DMS and CRM contain three functional aspects:

  • Operational
  • Collaborative
  • Analytical

Both DMS and CRM consist of:

  • Marketing
  • Sales/Donations
  • Service modules

Both are used to:

  • Capture leads
  • Store and analyze customers, vendors and partners
  • Manage internal organizational information

Compare DMS functionality and price and you’ll see that

Cultivate is a must-have for your nonprofit.

The DMS Difference

DMS software enables the organization to understand constituents’ needs and behavior when it comes to how and when they give. It introduces reliable processes and procedures for interacting with them. This leads to smarter and stronger relationships. DMS helps organization in assimilating information about donors, donations, marketing effectiveness, event responsiveness, and giving trends. This information is used to give insight into donor behavior. The whole process is designed to reduce cost and increase profitability by enriching your constituents with relevant and timely outreach.

Integration of the Cultivate DMS software package is a great first step towards greater fiscal success, but it’s only the beginning. Like CRM, DMS software must be absorbed into the system and become part of the culture. Employees have to be convinced about its positive attributes, then they have to be trained. Cultivate makes that painless.

By design, Cultivate DMS is easy to use for any one in your organization. Unlike almost all the other options out there, Cultivate gives you unlimited users and unlimited records for one low price.

Benefits of Cultivate DMS
  • Highly-Affordable
  • Real-Time Data
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Easy to Understand Reports
  • Unlimited Records & Users
Sample Data Entry Categories
  • Donor
  • Gift Amount
  • Date Gifted
  • Matching Corporation
  • E-mail
Must Haves for a DMS
  • Document Input
  • Document Indexing
  • Document Search
  • Document Processing
  • Workflow Automation
  • Document Security
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Cultivate Grows With Your Organization


Unlimited Users – Unlimited Records

Unbeatable at Only $99/month

Donor Management Improves Conversions and Contributions


  • Cultivate is free with our Google Ad Grant management and optimization plan
  • Also available for an affordable $99/monthly fee without the Grant management

Unlimited Users

  • Customize for different staff roles to streamline training and support and to ensure the best data quality
  • Back up and restore capabilities built-in
  • Spend less time on data scrubbing and upgrading systems

Unlimited Records

  • Spend more time engaging constituents, supporting your organization’s growth and fulfilling your mission
  • Add applications to support your unique business processes

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