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Cause Inspired Overview

Cause Inspired is a fast-growing digital marketing agency that enjoys helping nonprofits increase revenue and advance their missions.

The Cause Inspired Philosophy

Cause Inspired truly cares about nonprofits and believes that you are changing the world for the better.

Our philosophy from the start has been: “Why only help one person or one non-profit when you can help all of them?”

Google Ad Grant Set-Up

Management and Optimization

Holistic Digital Marketing

Benefits of the Google Ad Grant 

Cause Inspired Media manages the program so you don’t have to lift a finger. Your grant will be active with Google within days of applying, then we start spending Google’s money. Ads generated that match your landing pages and generate big-time traffic. Partner with Cause Inspired Media and Google.

  • Complete Adwords Set-Up, Management, and Campaign Optimization

  • End-to-End Digital and Social Media Creation and Integration

  • Simple Donor Management System for Revenue Generation

  • Minimal Time Demands on Your Staff


  • Website development
  • Re-branding
  • Social media management
Jimmy LaRose

Jimmy LaRose


“The results delivered by Cause Inspired Media are exactly as promised, and they are ongoing. More than just Ad Grant experts, they are the preeminent non-profit revenue generating partner that every organization needs.”

Partner with Us for Google Ad Grants

How Effective is the Google Ad Grant for Non-Profits?

Recent reports show that nonprofits in the program attribute 92% of their web traffic directly to the Google Ad Grant. 

Imagine an ad budget that very few companies can afford.

Imagine partnering with the biggest tech firm on the planet.

Imagine hundreds of new visitors on your site all day, every day.

You’re in Great Company

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