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Developed For Busy Nonprofit Staffers and Volunteers

Every nonprofit operates in a highly-efficiently manner. You don’t need one more task added to  your to-do list. Haystack makes your life easier, that’s why we built it. Using Haystack will keep your posts lean and efficient. Set it and forget it for your “meat and potato” posts, and sprinkle in some day-to-day activity posts to spice things up. Never worry about missing days of posts again.


  • Increase conversions and donations
  • Reduce costs of management
  • Reduce staff workload
  • Send the right message to the right audience at the right time
  • Enterprise capabilities at a non-profit price


  • Mange your social accounts
  • Simple drag and drop posting and scheduling system
  • Cloud-based speed and security
  • Easy post approvals 
  • Requires no detailed training
  • Up and posting in 15 minutes
  • Training and support
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited posts

Nonprofit-Friendly Experts

Haystack Social Media Management System is a game-changer for every nonprofit. Haystack delivers a simple to user and easy to engage social media management platform that boosts donations, helps increase donations, and reduces your time managing your social media. You can even manage social media volunteers and be confident that they are posting only when and what you approve! 

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Nonprofits Only

Haystack is the world’s first Social Media Management system designed for nonprofits only. Loaded with all the features of an enterprise posting platform, but without all the pricing matrix issues such as price per user and price per posts. User-friendly and highly-efficient.

Built for You

Haystack was developed especially for non-profits and staff that are already working at their peak performance. Everything you need at a price that helps grow the cause. How fresh!

Donor Management Improves Conversions and Contributions

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Our passion for helping nonprofits grow the mission is what Haystack is all about. All the feature and benefits without all the typical barriers.

Unlimited Users/Volunteers

  • Customize for different staff roles to streamline training and support and to ensure the your posts are right
  • Back up and restore capabilities built-in
  • Spend less time on learning complicated system and switching back and forth between social accounts

Unlimited Posts

  • Spend more time engaging constituents, supporting your organization’s growth and fulfilling your mission vs. counting your posts
  • No more additional charges for going over your allotted posts