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Cultivate your social media impact without spending all your time tending to it!

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Manageable Social Media Management

Facebook and Twitter feed on a constant diet of new posts, but who has time for that? For most nonprofits, there’s no time to keep your feeds fed.

Hootsuite, Buffer and other platforms were built for social media specialist and those for-profits with deep resources. Haystack was built  with nonprofits in mind: it’s highly-affordable, easy to learn and to use. 

Haystack Is From Cause Inspired

With over 550+ nonprofit clients, Cause Inspired is clearly the world’s largest nonprofit agency, but they’re also the best. They are honest and they care about your cause, your people and your impact.

Watch How To Post to Twitter and Facebook In Under :30

Set It And Forget It
Or Set It And Edit

Haystack automates your posts and offers a simple way for you to approve or edit all posts created by staff or volunteers. Change the image, the content and the date and time it gets posted. Or set it for the month and let Haystack do the rest.


Social Media Management Improves Conversions and Contributions

Nonprofit-Friendly Pricing

  • Haystack fits any budget
  • Simple for any user to master quickly

Powerful Dashboard Analytics

  • At a glance Key Performance Indicators anyone can understand
  • View by social media and date range


  • See what your audience thinks of your posts in real time
  • Export all data with just one click

Cloud-Based Access

Any time from any place is how business gets done. This is an enterprise-level tool that is designed for nonprofits. Let’s start growing and inspiring your donors.


Nonprofit Experts

Haystack social media management system is powered by Cause Inspired. We know what nonprofits need to succeed, and develop it.